Saturday, July 21, 2007

good times with Omar & Remy

This was taken on the night of Feb.12...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Omy Report #4 - The Visitors

Last weekend, Conan’s sister Miranda, Adam and their adorable 18-month-old boy Woolf came up from Brooklyn to stay at our place for the weekend. Suffice to say, with Remy there too, it was a full apartment!

We were a little concerned as to how the cats would react to a toddler in the house. At worst, the cats would be freaked out, spending the entire weekend hiding underneath the bed. But we needn’t have worried, as Omar & Remy were quite unafraid, even unfazed, by the arrival of the Little Human.

Remy, the more extraverted of the two cats, was the first to approach Woolf and seemed quite taken by him, sniffing and checking him out. Omar maintained a more wary distance, but eyed the boy with obvious curiosity. Naturally, Woolf was enchanted by the two furry animals, but didn’t quite know what to make of them at first. Thankfully, he didn't have any desire to touch or even grab at the cats, and seemed content to just watch them go about their business.

Conan showed Woolf a few tricks on how to become fast friends with the furry felines. Like Cat Fishing, for instance.

Woolf and Remy seemed to have bonded pretty well, and they had quite a few things in common, both being fair-haired, outgoing chaps with an inquisitive nature...

And a mutual fondness for snow!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Omy Report #4 - Yin n' Yang

By Bernice

By the third day, things have mellowed out a bit, and all that passionate feline lovemaking had simmered down to a comfortable intimacy. Omar & Remy have become almost like a married couple, well maybe more like Bert and Ernie.

Remy is definitely an outgoing and extraverted kitty, having quickly made himself at home with the humans residing at 4370 Clark. By the third evening, Omar was enjoying some downtime by napping on his favourite chair in the study. I was lounging on the living room sofa when Remy approached me for the first time and plopped down beside me. Naturally, I started petting him and he rolled around, snuggling up by my side.

The next day when Omar was taking a little break elsewhere, I was curled up on the sofa, again Remy came up and was the cuddliest ever. He snuggled up to my chest and started head butting my face and kneading my chest with his front paws. Very cute.

Although Remy and Omar have become the best of friends, it’s been interesting to see some of the personality differences between them. I like to think of Remy as a blond, jocular guy who enjoys football and drinkin’ beer with his buddies (not to mention getting some Brokeback Meowtain action), whereas Omar is the more quiet, introverted type who wears black and reads Russian novels.

Conan kind of sums up a bit of their relationship one day as follows:

"I think Omar is feeling a bit, I don't know, extra clingy and affectionate today, wants his space from Remy or something. Every time I go to the bedroom he runs on to the bed and wants to play until big Remy comes galoomphing up."

Another example was when Conan got out the ol’ stick & ribbon toy, the boys got all excited. Remy spontaneously dove in and at first ended up dominating the play area, while Omar hung back a bit, watching Remy play for a while. Then he later jumped in at an opportune moment.

This is not to say that Remy is always domineering, or Omar wants to avoid Remy all the time, far from it. They just have those tendencies sometimes now that they're old friends!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Omy Report #3 - Playing Together

By Bernice

One of Omar’s fave pastimes is to play in the bathtub (an empty one, of course) with one of his toys, preferably a soft little ball for maximum rolling action.

On Friday night, I heard a telltale sound coming from the bathroom and found both Remy and Omar in the empty tub, batting a little rubber ball around. Naturally, Omar has introduced Remy to this fun activity!

One cat would bat the ball around, then inadvertently or not, the ball would end up in the other cat’s paws and the he’d bat it around some more. It really looked like they were passing the ball to each other.

Here’s the video to show it! Click on the link below, or play the YouTub box:

Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Omy Report #2 - Brokeback Meowtain

By Bernice

<< This report has been rated - For Mature Audiences Only >>

The excitement of reuniting and the hyped-up tumbling and chasing have mostly subsided, although they’re still very into each other. These furry playmates are never apart from each other for very long, and if one cat is alone in a room, you can be sure the other will join him in mere moments.

Last night, I left off with Remy & Omar contentedly lying about in the living room. Although Omar was all too happy to nap away, Remy became restless soon after I sent off The Omy Report #1. He got up from the floor to join Omar on the sofa, but he couldn’t relax and soon hopped down onto the floor again and tried to lie down and rest.

Moments later, Remy looked over at Omar as if checking to see if he’s still sleeping (Omar was sleeping on his side, his head tilted back with his neck partially exposed). Remy then went over Omar, half stood on the sofa and started burying his face in Omar’s neck, as if giving him little love bites! Then Remy started licking Omar’s face in, oh how to describe… a very amorous manner!

In any case, Omar seemed receptive to all this attention, so Remy hopped onto the sofa, and they proceeded to wrestle each other, their bodies twisting about and their front legs grabbing at each other. Remy just loves burying his face in Omar’s neck… at one point, Omar put his paw on Remy’s face, as if to say, “Easy there, Tiger!”

Yes, indeed it looked very much like feline lovemaking. And I didn’t even have to put on that Barry White song (that always gets me in the mood, hehe).

And today, Conan was home during the daytime, and had this to report (via MSN messenger):

Conan says:
I have seen the wrestling
It's quite cool
Though it does look like they are making out sometimes

bernice says:
has omar licked remy?
or does remy do all the licking?

Conan says:
I haven't seen any licking
Lots of biting
At one point, Omar was biting Remy's balls and ass
I think the smell attracts him

Conan says:
okay, now I see what you were talking about
that is weird
Remy really started licking Omar in an intimate way and Omar sort of responded, half-licking half-nipping.

Conan says:
I had to leave.
I felt uncomfortable.

bernice says:

Conan says:


The Omy Report #1 - Get Yo' Play On!

By Bernice

(Where Remy spends his first time away from his owners... at Omar's house!)

Last night, Remy and Omar continued to play long after Heather & Simon left, although their rest breaks were getting longer and more frequent.

After 11, Conan was home and his presence spurred them back into action. Also, the bedroom door was previously shut, so opening it up got them all excited about jumping onto the bed multiple times and wrestling upon it. Before, they chased each other up and down the length of the apartment 'sans chambre', now, they chased each other up and down the length of the apartment 'avec chambre'!

When it was time for me & Conan to hit the sack, O & R were still at it, so we shut the bedroom door. But occasional thumps and pitter-patter can be heard thru the closed door for a good while.

The next morning, I opened the door to see two little beasts on the kitchen table, as if waiting expectantly for their breakfast. I proceeded to fill their bowls, but they barely sniffed at the food before wrestling each other all over the kitchen floor.

It’s interesting to observe their different styles of fighting. Remy tends to growl and hiss when put in an uncompromising position. And while I haven’t heard Omar growl, he does hiss too and makes a whiny meow in similar situations. Remy is bigger and stronger, while Omar is quicker and lighter on his feet.

Coming home from work was nice, as I was greeted by two sleepy-eyed kitties padding out of the living room. They behaved nicely as I fed them their dinners, each eating from their own dishes. Afterwards, they'd nibble at the other's food dish, just to see what it tastes like. (did you know Remy likes to eat plain rice?)

Right now, they're relaxing with me in the living room (Conan is out gaming again). Omar's napping on the sofa beside me while Remy's stretched out on the floor. Talk about contentment.

What else? Remy does have a curiously musky odor about him that’s definitely exuding itself onto Omar.
Let’s pray that Remy’s anal glands aren’t about to burst with anal juices any time soon.

Stay tuned for the next installment!

Heather Gardiner wrote:

ooo, you're so lucky having all that entertainment! I remember how they just never stopped playing at the start...

But Remy is quite a sleeper, and it got funny later on when he'd be trying to nap, and Omar would still be trying to go at him.
I would like to see their fights now... it's funny that Remy is now the bigger, stronger one... I guess he'll be a big cat! You're right though, he's quite clumsy!

Are you enjoying all the antics? I wonder what that smell is that Remy is emitting. I don't think it's the anal glands, cause we haven't noticed a problem since they were juiced. Maybe the excitement of being around Omar makes his anus swell and moisten. It could be after going in the litter cause I know he digs around in there a bit too much... he's also lately been letting go some real doozy's that could clear a room.

Friday, December 29, 2006

The Remar Report: Chapter 5 - "Devious"

By Heather

Well Omar may not be a snow cat, but Remy is showing some disturbing tendancies.

We have the two litter boxes on the go and we're finding both are being used. However, we have noticed Remy digging around in Omar's litter box for extended periods of time. I just thought he was enjoying the extra space and taking his time in choosing "the right spot", but tonight Simon came home and found something different.

Remy disappeared for quite awhile, and on further inspection found he was in Omar's litter box, rolling around and burying himself in it. He'd even eat the little rocks that covered his body! Simon described it as "grosse", so I imagine it wasn't pretty... and maybe that's why he smells sometimes. Anyway, it will be good when we get back down to one litter box and hopefully Remy won't feel the urge to roll around in Omar's excrement.

Also, Omar and I hit a major stride tonight. I think he's too proud to ask for love, so I finally just forced it on him. He struggled for only a few seconds, but finally succumbed to my long and assertive strokes. I picked him up from the chair he was sleeping on, put him on my lap, and went to town. Now he's paying a little more attention to me than before!

That's all there is to report... the new year will mark the end of The Remar Report... as most relationships go, this one is becoming "routine".

We must make sure they don't take each other for granted.