Friday, December 29, 2006

The Remar Report: Chapter 5 - "Devious"

By Heather

Well Omar may not be a snow cat, but Remy is showing some disturbing tendancies.

We have the two litter boxes on the go and we're finding both are being used. However, we have noticed Remy digging around in Omar's litter box for extended periods of time. I just thought he was enjoying the extra space and taking his time in choosing "the right spot", but tonight Simon came home and found something different.

Remy disappeared for quite awhile, and on further inspection found he was in Omar's litter box, rolling around and burying himself in it. He'd even eat the little rocks that covered his body! Simon described it as "grosse", so I imagine it wasn't pretty... and maybe that's why he smells sometimes. Anyway, it will be good when we get back down to one litter box and hopefully Remy won't feel the urge to roll around in Omar's excrement.

Also, Omar and I hit a major stride tonight. I think he's too proud to ask for love, so I finally just forced it on him. He struggled for only a few seconds, but finally succumbed to my long and assertive strokes. I picked him up from the chair he was sleeping on, put him on my lap, and went to town. Now he's paying a little more attention to me than before!

That's all there is to report... the new year will mark the end of The Remar Report... as most relationships go, this one is becoming "routine".

We must make sure they don't take each other for granted.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Remar Report #4 - "The Lion Needs Courage"

By Heather

This may disappoint you... especially Conan, so I'm sorry to break the news. Omar may be bigger and stronger, but the medal for bravery goes to Remy today. We finally had a big dump of snow, so in the morning we decided to find out how Remy would react by opening the back door. He wandered out and slowly tried to figure it out...

Before we could close the door, Omar bolted outside and immediately ran up the stairs. About half way up he realized that something was amiss. He was shoulder deep in snow! Well he didn't like that at all, and tried to make his way back down the stairs which proved to be quite difficult once he realized they were wet, snowy & slippery! He finally made it in and wanted nothing more to do with it. Remy stayed out and zipped around playing and loving it! It was hard to drag him in.

Later Simon and I got all dressed up in our winter gear and carried the two cats to the balcony. We dropped them in the foot of snow and Omar just HATED it! He cried at the door and when it wouldn't open, he suddenly climbed me! Remy jumped and played around while Omar just climbed one of us every chance he could and to hide up on our shoulders. We finally let him in, but Remy stayed out. This really seemed to frustrate Omar because he kept coming up and peaking out to see where Remy was. He'd stay on the door perch, but not venture off.

Once Omar saw how much fun Remy was having, he did actually take a few steps outside again. We then closed the door and he again went for the shoulders. Finally he did stay on the ground for a few minutes under the table and seemed to be trying to get used to it. I guess Omar will need some winterized combat training next!

Please enjoy a snippit of the fun on youtube!

Here's another little video of Omar in shoulder-climbing action...


Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Remar Report #3 - "Imitation is the best form of flattery"

By Heather

It's been interesting to see Remy trying to be like Omar... I think Omar is like his big brother or something. Suddenly Remy is trying to always be high up on everything. At one point Omar was on the table, and Remy climbed on the very back of the chair beside. As you remember the back of the chairs are just a thin strip of iron! He was pretty uncomfortable, but kept trying to find a good position. He's also starting to sleep on the back of the couch and on pillows!

The cutest thing yesterday had Remy in a bit of a pickle. Omar had gotten into the shoe & coat closet and managed to climb up ontp the giant Water Heater against the wall. When I looked in Remy was on top of the shoes looking at Omar longingly.

Then suddenly I heard something get knocked over and went back in to see Omar struggling behind a box with a big bottle on top of it. I got Omar out of there before anything bad happened when I noticed from the crack behind the water heater a little orange kitty in a lot of distress! Remy must have fallen behind and there was really NO way out without help. He was so upset, but it was so cute! My mom just managed to stick her hand behind it and grab him by the scruff of the neck. Seeing his little face & paws reaching out from this tiny crack was quite funny.

Apparently while my mom and I were out Simon was doing something outside off the kitchen. He said he checked before shutting the door, but Remy charged in as he was closing it. There was a near tragedy when he then proceeded to shut the door on Remy's leg! Remy gave out a large wimper and gave Simon a big scare...

But then as Remy sat in the kitchen stunned and scared, Omar came over, sniffed him, and gave him a comforting kiss!

Enjoy your Christmas Eve!