Friday, December 29, 2006

The Remar Report: Chapter 5 - "Devious"

By Heather

Well Omar may not be a snow cat, but Remy is showing some disturbing tendancies.

We have the two litter boxes on the go and we're finding both are being used. However, we have noticed Remy digging around in Omar's litter box for extended periods of time. I just thought he was enjoying the extra space and taking his time in choosing "the right spot", but tonight Simon came home and found something different.

Remy disappeared for quite awhile, and on further inspection found he was in Omar's litter box, rolling around and burying himself in it. He'd even eat the little rocks that covered his body! Simon described it as "grosse", so I imagine it wasn't pretty... and maybe that's why he smells sometimes. Anyway, it will be good when we get back down to one litter box and hopefully Remy won't feel the urge to roll around in Omar's excrement.

Also, Omar and I hit a major stride tonight. I think he's too proud to ask for love, so I finally just forced it on him. He struggled for only a few seconds, but finally succumbed to my long and assertive strokes. I picked him up from the chair he was sleeping on, put him on my lap, and went to town. Now he's paying a little more attention to me than before!

That's all there is to report... the new year will mark the end of The Remar Report... as most relationships go, this one is becoming "routine".

We must make sure they don't take each other for granted.

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