Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Omy Report #4 - Yin n' Yang

By Bernice

By the third day, things have mellowed out a bit, and all that passionate feline lovemaking had simmered down to a comfortable intimacy. Omar & Remy have become almost like a married couple, well maybe more like Bert and Ernie.

Remy is definitely an outgoing and extraverted kitty, having quickly made himself at home with the humans residing at 4370 Clark. By the third evening, Omar was enjoying some downtime by napping on his favourite chair in the study. I was lounging on the living room sofa when Remy approached me for the first time and plopped down beside me. Naturally, I started petting him and he rolled around, snuggling up by my side.

The next day when Omar was taking a little break elsewhere, I was curled up on the sofa, again Remy came up and was the cuddliest ever. He snuggled up to my chest and started head butting my face and kneading my chest with his front paws. Very cute.

Although Remy and Omar have become the best of friends, it’s been interesting to see some of the personality differences between them. I like to think of Remy as a blond, jocular guy who enjoys football and drinkin’ beer with his buddies (not to mention getting some Brokeback Meowtain action), whereas Omar is the more quiet, introverted type who wears black and reads Russian novels.

Conan kind of sums up a bit of their relationship one day as follows:

"I think Omar is feeling a bit, I don't know, extra clingy and affectionate today, wants his space from Remy or something. Every time I go to the bedroom he runs on to the bed and wants to play until big Remy comes galoomphing up."

Another example was when Conan got out the ol’ stick & ribbon toy, the boys got all excited. Remy spontaneously dove in and at first ended up dominating the play area, while Omar hung back a bit, watching Remy play for a while. Then he later jumped in at an opportune moment.

This is not to say that Remy is always domineering, or Omar wants to avoid Remy all the time, far from it. They just have those tendencies sometimes now that they're old friends!


Heather said...

heh heh... it's true, Remy is such a cuddly cat... but he's also a little bugger. I remember thinking maybe the cats would miss each other a lot when you guys came back after christmas, but Omar was pretty pumped when I brought him back into his own territory... and Bernice said he was quite affectionate when she got home. I'll bet when we pick Remy up Omar will be somewhat relieved to just do his own thing reading his russian poetry for awhile. I laughed out loud at that one by the way!

Olman Feelyus said...

I have to disagree with that turtleneck wearing, poetry-reading interpretation. It's more like stealthy shadow ninja, plotting his next hit. He likes to wrestle a bit, but he doesn't need to win those battles because when he wins, his victim knows nothing but silent death.