Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Remar Report: Chapter 1 - "The First Noel"

by Heather Gardiner

(Omar spends his first Christmas with his new friend Remy)

After Bernice left, the "fighting" continued... They couldn't get enough of each other and just kept rolling, and running around and banging their heads... Well that was really just Remy.

We were a bit worried that they would tear the house down when we went to pick up my mom from the airport... but upon return, only found the kitchen curtain to once again get pulled down. We pondered who got trapped, and knew it was probably Remy because he seems to like looking like a bride.

My mom was quite excited that two nice kitty's were in the house... She called Remy "too pretty to be a boy", leading us to believe even more that he may have a very feminine nature. She loved the blackness of Omar and couldn't get over the size of his paws. She feels he'll be a bit cat.

Grandma Vicki also brought gifts for the cats... two little bows filled with honeysuckle... apparently a natural cat nip that kitty's go crazy for. They loved the bows and each played with their own for awhile, then took turns trying to steal them from each other. It wound them up once again and I took them away because it was almost bed time. We sat having a glass of wine and watching the kitty's wrestle around then decided it was finally time for bed around 2am.

I decided to separate the cats because they just didn't seem to want to stop, but figured once in separate rooms they'd settle down and sleep pretty soundly. My mom left her door open for Omar because she was quite keen to sleep with one of the kittens, so we took Remy into our room and closed the door.

I couldn't believe the reaction! Remy sat on our side of the door laying down at the rather large crack underneath.... I'd periodically see Omars giant paws come through the door for Remy and Remy would lay there sticking his paws out on the other side. Then the crying started... Omar was actually kind of wimpering on the other side!

I decided to stick to my guns and keep them separated so after awhile, they left each other... But Remy didn't come to the bed... He went and slept in my closet all night! I finally took him out around 6am and he cuddled with us until about 9. When Simon got up to go to the bathroom, Omar came running out from my moms room, so she got her wish to sleep with a cat.

Today, they're quietly at it again...

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