Friday, December 22, 2006

The Remar Report #2 - "Not a Creature Was Stirring"

By Heather

Day 2 proved to be way more laid back. Yesterday morning, I opened the barrier that kept them wimpering in the night and they seemed like old chums. They weren't going at it full throttle, but just quietly chasing and playing with each other.

My mom and I spent yesterday afternoon shopping and came back to a seemingly empty house! Upon further investigation I went upstairs to find the bathroom door closed with the cats locked in. I can only assume they were wrestling in the bathroom, and hit the door... closing it!

They must have tired themselves out in the can because they were totally exhausted the rest of the evening. They were either just sleeping on the couch, or chasing my moms wool & knitting needles as she crafted a scarf.

Since they were so calm all day, I let them have the run of the house after we went to bed. I expected maybe they'd join us at some point, but didn't see a sign of them the entire night! I guess that's because when we woke up, the bathroom door was again closed. When we opened it, two cats ran straight for the litter box!

More kitties sleeping...

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